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Africans spent more than 4 million hours reading online in 2018 Opera Mini and Worldreader celebrate International Literacy Day

Oslo, Norway - 九月 5, 2018

Opera and Worldreader, the global nonprofit that believes everyone can be a reader, announce on International Literacy Day that African mobile users have spent more than 4 millions hours of reading books on their mobile phones in 2018. This milestone represents an increase of 32 percent from the same time period last year.

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Opera opens its PC browsers to crypto

Oslo, Norway - 八月 8, 2018

On July 11, Opera became the first major browser to introduce a built-in crypto wallet. Opera for Android with crypto wallet enables seamless transactions on the web, and removes one of the biggest hurdles preventing cryptocurrencies from being adopted by the mainstream.

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Opera launches as a Snap for Linux users

Oslo, Norway - 八月 2, 2018

Opera and Canonical today announce that Opera, the popular web browser, is now available as a Snap in the Snap Store. Opera is the latest notable addition to the Snap Store providing ever more choice to Linux users via an easy to install, always up to date application direct from the software vendor.

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Opera introduces first browser with built-in Crypto Wallet

Oslo, Norway - 七月 11, 2018

The new version of the Opera browser for Android, currently available in a private beta, combines easy-to-use crypto wallet functionality with support for the Ethereum Web3 API. This makes Opera the first major browser to open up a mainstream product to Web 3.0.

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